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At Air Conditioning Woodland Hills, we can handle an assortment of AC, heating, and electrical services to all of our customers in and around Woodland Hills.

Services Offered By Air Conditioning Woodland Hills:

  • Air Conditioning Repair and Installation.
  • Heating Unit Repair and Installation.
  • Electrical Repair and Replacement.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service.
  • Weather Damage Repair.
  • Some Construction & Remodeling.
  • And Everything In Between!

If you are currently experiencing issues with your AC, heating, or electrical units, we are prepared to take care of almost any issue that may arise. Whether you need a simple repair, or if you need your AC or heater to be replaced, our skilled specialists can take care of you. We are able to properly service all brands, makes, and models.

At Air Conditioning Woodland Hills, we also have the added benefit of being able to deliver top notch emergency service to any of our Woodland Hills area customers that are in need of it. If you have a sudden malfunction that needs to be addressed quickly, such as an issue that would prevent you from going to work, or even if your home becomes damaged because of the weather, our emergency service specialists are equipped to take care of your needs.

We also are able to work directly with your insurance agent and claims adjustor to restore your home in no time, enabling any necessary repairs to be made potentially very cost effective.

High quality

Our aim is to offer you the highest quality products at a price we hope you cannot beat. You will find cheaper products on the internet and ebay but they may not be of the same quality or they may be obsolete equipment. So please be aware of units being sold with the refrigerant R32, these have been phased out, but these type of units can still be purchased over the internet so please be aware.

The best equipment

We are able to offer you the customer, an air conditioning system from a wide range of manufacturers to suit your needs.
We supply a wide range of equipment in order to accommodate all the different applications our customers require.